BackBox Linux 4.2 - i386

Release: 27.04.2015
Name: backbox-4.2-i386.iso
Size: 1,8 GB
MD5: ae579b19431307c4264ff20c5488e157
SHA256: 00166c19c21cbb833517cd4e19aa96fcfffc8296d63ae01b39eb3cb6f5a32cba

BackBox Linux 4.2 - amd64

Release: 27.04.2015
Name: backbox-4.2-amd64.iso
Size: 1,9 GB
MD5: ab4c085e1f23daae31d18f921700e2d2
SHA256: d9768f1d1743ee6e51fd3b9628205bbe5513f4f57ffabb2d2396e269752a9f05

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