BackBox Linux 4.0 - i386

Release: 11.10.2014
Name: backbox-4.0-i386.iso
Size: 1,7 GB
MD5: 357ae07a0838b24ae97460492da324a8
SHA256: e5f1440aeb3e34d1918623bf4c81ed5ea7a625e9a33b8288a855e481aface660

BackBox Linux 4.0 - amd64

Release: 11.10.2014
Name: backbox-4.0-amd64.iso
Size: 1,8 GB
MD5: 5f2399c283298eeb804a50e291b14b63
SHA256: e9922242d856f9412bd58de7b1423c556a246d102e815938f1fac86bb0abc5f5

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