BackBox Linux 5 released!

Finally the time has come.

The BackBox Team proudly announces the major release of BackBox v5. It took long due to several development processes, but we worked hard and got through it.

In this major release we made some structural changes, we removed outdated tools and added new ones.

BackBox Membership, now open

Online subscriptions to our association are officially open. Click here to join us.

Becoming a member of our association will make you part of a group of people who share the same interests and whose goal is to promote and encourage the availability of cutting edge open-source security-oriented technologies. The small subscription fee enables us to keep on improving our Project and to plan official BackBox events.

False CVE on BackBox 4.6 unmasked

A member of BackBox community brought to our attention the existence of CVE-2017-7397 asking if it were an actual vulnerability.

Short answer: No, it’s not.

Long answer: Here follows our analysis.

We started by taking a look at CVE requirements for new CVE submissions (


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