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BackBox Linux 4.6 - i386

Release: 26.05.2016
Name: backbox-4.6-i386.iso
Size: 2,3 GB
MD5: d8f06f49cdf11d4141d7563d94535239
SHA256: bbb22d3338de01d974fd2342afadc0f774f16394e7a70a28a426fb964457f6ab

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BackBox Linux 4.6 - amd64

Release: 26.05.2016
Name: backbox-4.6-amd64.iso
Size: 2,4 GB
MD5: 1c73ddacd807648741ae2993d83bfda2
SHA256: 52044c435d3da3c699da00f0bb03b9685014266bc7e06db9547e69b26e047b42

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